Noah Alper is the founder of Noah's Bagels, a large bakery/restaurant chain. Since 2005 he has advised 100’s of entrepreneurs and early stage companies.

His expertise includes concept creation, marketing, retailing, food service, sales management. Noah founded five other businesses in addition to the bagel empire he built. He grew the iconic Noah's Bagels brand from a one-store location in Berkeley, California to a $100 million exit in 6 ½ years, while helping to take it public. He offers a wealth of start-up and small business expertise.

Noah is an accomplished motivational speaker, with over 35 years of business and non-profit management experience. He has lectured/presented at: GoogleThe Commonwealth ClubNational Labs Entrepreneur AcademyJ.P. MorganADLStanford UniversityHaas School of Business, University of California, BerkeleyThe Kellogg School of Business, Northwestern UniversityBabson College • EO • Sacramento Chamber of Commerce • Association for Corporate Growth • E-2 Entrepreneur Conference, Detroit MI • Mills College • UC Davis Graduate School of Management • The University of Wisconsin Business School • Golden Gate University.

Business Mensch: Timeless Wisdom for Today's Entreperneur

Noah is the author of Business Mensch: Timeless Wisdom for Today's Entrepreneur, a practical guide to help aspiring entrepreneurs find success and satisfaction in their work. Visit www.businessmensch.net for more information.

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“I enjoy sharing my experience of creating successful business start-ups: how I did it, what I learned, and helping others to succeed,” says Noah.